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SOTI Snap is a cross-platform solution that enables organizations to rapidly build mobile apps to replace paper-based processes by using the data-capturing capabilities (camera, video recording, barcode scanning, etc.) of your mobile devices. With SOTI Snap, you can easily digitize data collection and approval processes to make them fast and efficient, allowing your business to save money and optimising your mobile device investment.

Advantages –

  • Increase operational efficiency through timely and consistent forms and workflows
  • Improve employee and customer experience
  • Reduce data loss
  • Integrate with existing business systems

Digitise and Streamline Manual Business Processes in a Snap

Rapid Digitisation of Paper-Based Processes

Centralise and Streamline Manual Business Processes

Create Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Automatically

Key Features

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Digitise Forms and Surveys

Create UX-rich electronic forms and surveys within minutes. Capture necessary information through various options and collect signatures electronically.


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Create Standardised Workflows

Automate business approval processes, enhance user productivity and increase operational efficiencies. Get real-time visibility into where bottlenecks are occurring in the process

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Create Mobile Apps with Offline Capabilities

Ensure mobile apps are always functional, even when there is intermittent Internet connectivity, to maintain productivity.

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Collect Data Digitally

Forms. Surveys. Training apps. SOTI Snap lets you scan NFC tags, share photos, record audio and include videos and embedded webpages for quick and accurate data collection and viewing.

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Customise Reports

No need to store or comb through stacks of paper. Data collected in SOTI Snap can be exported to the SOTI Snap Server or other internally configured destinations. Automatically receive custom, scheduled reports to efficiently track data and records.

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Build Mobile Apps with Blockly

Easily develop features using blocks without the need for traditional coding.

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Import Data Into Mobile Apps From Existing Databases (Both On-Premise and in the Cloud) and Cloud Applications

Point SOTI Snap to a file or Cloud application to automatically import data for use in your mobile application.

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Inefficient Handwritten Documents Become Accurate Digital Forms

Upload PDFs to SOTI Snap and map data fields to it – including rich data like images – via drag-and-drop. Handwritten documents become digital, information is more accurate and completed forms are centrally stored for easy, consistent access.

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Visualise SOTI Snap App Data on SOTI XSight

View real-time data collected from a SOTI Snap app on a SOTI XSight Live View map. While the Live View map tells you the status of your devices, SOTI XSight Topics pulls in SOTI Snap app data at the same time, giving you insights into your business operations as they progress.

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