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SOTI XSight is the world’s first integrated diagnostic intelligence and support solution.

Fix problems faster, get total visibility on device performance, solve current issues and protect against future ones. Make smarter decisions regarding your business-critical mobile strategy. SOTI XSight provides a supercharged solution with the operational intelligence, support and management tools you need to streamline your business.

Better Support Software for Faster Resolutions. Better Data Insights for Smarter Decisions

Operational Intelligence

Advanced Diagnostics


Incident Management

Key Features

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Advanced Diagnostics and Powerful Incident Management

Advanced Diagnostics and Powerful Incident Management

SOTI XSight allows you to diagnose devices as if they were in your hands.

  • Real-time remote control allows technicians to visualize the operation of remote devices. Technicians can control devices as if they were in their hands.
  • Access a richer troubleshooting experience for the user and the technician. Take advantage of text, voice and video chat and reduce resolution time.
  • Draw on the remote device screen to illustrate solutions to the end user and empower them to correct issues themselves. This further reduces downtime and end user frustration, while increasing IT help desk bandwidth.
  • Record audio and video of the support call to accurately document what the issue is and how it impacts productivity. This information can be attached to tickets and shared with other agents to ensure consistency when addressing issues.
  • Upload and download files and folders to troubleshoot or fix issues. Pull logs and files to gather device data. And do it all remotely without having to walk the end user through complicated, time-consuming steps.
  • Integrated ticketing allows documenting of problems with screenshots, video recordings, device data snapshots, log files and more.
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Critical Operational Intelligence for Smarter Decisions

Batteries, apps and cellular coverage power your business-critical mobile operations. SOTI XSight gives you real-time visibility into the status of these essential areas so you can proactively address issues before they become problems.

Battery Dashboards – Optimise battery lifespans using smart, data-driven decisions by visualising charge and discharge cycles, temperature and more. Use the Smart Battery Dashboard2 to predict when batteries will fail and proactively replace them beforehand.

App Dashboards – View metrics on app usage over the course of a defined shift and resourcing (which apps use the most data, cause battery drains or consume storage). Know which apps are essential and which can be removed. Justify your app strategy with irrefutable data.

Data Usage, Location and Signal Strength Dashboards – Get a geographic view of cellular coverage via heat maps and determine if your carriers are delivering the connectivity your devices and workers need.

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Efficient and Versatile

SOTI XSight can be used throughout your IT department to provide fast, high quality customer service, keep mobile operations running smoothly and ensure mobile investments are meeting business operation objectives.

Support Agents – Efficiently find hard-to-retrieve device information, and visually document problems to quickly remediate issues.

Support Leads – Leverage advanced analytics to gain visibility into issues and ensure they are documented with consistency and accuracy.

Mobility Engineers – Use heat maps and other tools to identify connectivity issues and be alerted when problems occur in real-time.

IT Managers – Use advanced diagnostic tools to minimize downtime and maximize your return on investment.

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