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Eliminate data loss and downtime from ransomware with built-in detection,immutability safeguards, and automation that allows for fast recovery after an attack.


One solution to eliminate data loss, ransomware and downtime.

Data is living in more places than ever before and is under constant attack. Backups are among the most important defenses against ransomware. Now is the time to build your ransomware recovery plan to achieve cyber resilience.


Ransomware-Immutable Backup

Ransomware is now targeting your backups – working to disable them from happening, encrypting them, or deleting them all together. When using the Unitrends Cloud for offsite disaster recovery, your data is stored in an immutable format, meaning ransomware cannot access or compromise your backups. Your data is safe and recovery ready.

Protect Yourself by Protecting Your Data and Applications

Unitrends strongly recommends that you follow the 3-2-1 rule: 3 copies of your data, 2 different types of media, 1 copy off-site. You need to isolate and completely disconnect one copy of your backups to keep them from being corrupted by the ransomware attack. For enterprises that exist in only one location, the Unitrends Cloud can be an inexpensive and easier solution to the manual process of creating and moving physical tapes.

Secure your Infrastructure with Pre‑Integrated, Hardened Appliances

Because of the wide prevalence of Windows, ransomware criminals predominantly target Windows-based servers, appliances, PCs, and devices. Rather than protecting your infrastructure, a Windows-based backup appliance can become just another victim of a ransomware attack. Acquire a backup and business continuity solution that is written in hardened Linux rather than Windows code. All Unitrends backup appliances are written in hardened Linux to keep ransomware from making your recovery solution a victim of a ransomware attack.


Test, Test and Test Again – Know the Time of Your Last Successful Backup

Testing should include running trial recoveries up to the point of actually launching a backup application. This ensures that all files, settings, applications, and data are available for recovery. Unitrends Recovery Assurance software performs automatic testing of backup data, settings, and applications, doing trial recoveries to ensure your backup is working and your ransomware protection is effective. This gives you 100% confidence you can meet your Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

Proactive Detection to Find a Ransomware Attack Earlier

 The ability to recognize the changes to data files brought on by a ransomware attack is called predictive analytics. Building on our industry-leading, automated ransomware detection, Unitrends backup appliances now include the ability to quickly and accurately identify ransomware activity as part of every backup. Unitrends developed artificial intelligence (AI) that runs during every backup, analyzing the randomness of file changes (not just change rates) to identify backups infected by ransomware. Upon detection email and dashboard alerts are immediately sent to administrators and all suspected backups are flagged with an icon to prevent recoveries using infected files.

Faster Recovery to Lessen the Negative Impacts of an Attack

Unitrends provides software and services that can support easy and automated restoration of production data to their state prior to the attack. This rapid recovery greatly reduces the amount of downtime and impact to an enterprise. Unitrends backup appliances can act as recovery platforms until production servers are scrubbed and brought back into service. Since clean, tested backup data is already on the Unitrends appliance, recovery can take just seconds. Cloud recovery can take just as little time if backup and advanced testing steps have been followed properly.

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