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Secure Direct-to-Cloud Backup for Your Mobile & WFH Workforce

Effortless And Automated Endpoint Backup

Protect the data of your on-the-go workforce and remote file servers with simple, secure cloud backup—no on-premises storage or local IT management required.

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Effortless Endpoint Protection for Today’s Mobile Workforce

Your workforce is distributed, but your IT staff and equipment don’t have to be. Protect end-user data and file servers without the hassle of setting up an appliance or local storage at every office location. Unitrends EndPoint Backup is the simplest way to back up from anywhere with internet connectivity — including Wi-Fi, so the data of your remote and WFH employees is covered too.


Easy Deployment

To get started, simply download an agent to Windows machines or use your favorite endpoint management software to push agents to your fleet. You can start backing up right away.

More Efficiency, Less Complexity

Some recovery objectives require a full-scale backup appliance. Some don’t. In reality, most organizations have a mix of data protection needs but a limited IT staff and budget to accomplish it all. Simplify your data protection strategy by using Unitrends EndPoint Backup for endpoints and file servers that don’t need to be on a traditional backup appliance.


Simple, Predictable Pricing

No matter what your employee puts on their laptop, your backup is covered without any extra management or file selection from your end. With up to 1 TB of cloud storage included for each workstation, Unitrends EndPoint Backup provides more than enough cloud storage for even the largest endpoints. Moreover, easily protect your file servers with automatic cloud backup for up to 1 TB per server. Plus, there are no fees to access data or restore files. No surprises. No gotchas. Just simple, cost-efficient endpoint backup.



Easy Cloud Backup for All

Don’t ignore the backup needs of endpoints and file servers. You can protect all of your organization’s files and folders regardless of their location, no on-site IT presence or local appliance required. Every server and workstation deserves cloud backup, especially when it’s this easy.



Hands-Off Protection for Windows Workstations and File Servers

 Unitrends EndPoint Backup is a simple, cost-efficient way to protect and secure endpoints, servers, and other devices connected to the corporate network, saving organizations hours of lost productivity. Supports Windows 8 and newer versions (8, 8.1, 10). Use Unitrends EndPoint Backup alone or to complement your Unitrends all-in-one backup appliance.




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