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The Automated Human Risk
Management Platform

usecure enables MSPs to calculate, reduce and monitor their clients’ human cyber risk through admin-lite automation, helping reduce user-related security incidents whilst boosting service value through a unique 4-in-1 offering.

By analysing each users’ security knowledge gaps and crafting personalised programs, usecure automates ongoing training that tackles individual risk areas, then reinforces secure user behaviour through periodic phishing simulations, dark web breach monitoring and simplified policy management – all from one multi-tenanted portal.

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usecure Platform

uLearn: Security Awareness Training

uLearn is usecure’s user-centric security awareness training solution, designed to assist organisations in promoting secure employee behaviour.

uLearn’s extensive library of interactive, video and blog-style content enables the delivery of engaging and continuous computer-based training that is easily managed via intelligent automation.

uPhish: Phishing Simulations

uPhish is usecure’s intuitive cloud-based phishing software that enables you to quickly assess user vulnerability to phishing attacks in the real world.

With uPhish, you can determine which users are susceptible to both standard phishing attacks and highly targeted ‘spear phishing’ attacks.

uBreach: Dark Web Breach Monitoring

uBreach enables you to quickly identify publicly disclosed employee email accounts and identities as a result of third-party data breaches.

With billions of credentials available through data dumps, paste sites, and hacking forums, employees who sign up for third-party services using their work email address may expose your organisation to a significant risk of social engineering, business email compromise (BEC), and other damaging attacks.

uPolicy: Policy Management

uPolicy enables you to easily create and manage policies for your business.

Having the appropriate policies in place is critical for protecting your business. Policies assist you in establishing your expectations for employees in terms of security and workplace behaviour, as well as meeting compliance requirements and mitigating risks.

Human Risk Analytics

With usecure’s newest feature, the Human Risk Report (HRR) you can now quickly calculate the employee cyber risk of new and prospective clients and present this data to decision-makers.

Multi-Tenant MSP Portal

The usecure platform is designed to be admin-lite, quick to launch and super easy to use for MSPs.

With the help of Service (multi-tenant portal built exclusively for MSPs), you will be able to manage everything in one place, plus you can add multiple admins anytime you want.

Key Benefits

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4 security products in 1

Integrated suite of white-labelled user-focused security solutions.

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Time-saving automation

Automated user training, phishing simulations, dark web monitoring and more.

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Lightning-fast deployment

Easy-to-master functionality and integrations – 100% cloud-based.

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User-tailored training

Personalised programs that drive learning without hindering productivity.

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MSP prospecting tool

Win new clients by demonstrating your clients’ human risk in a few steps.

The usecure platform is designed to be admin-lite, quick to launch and super easy to use for MSPs.

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Intelligent training platform

The intelligent training platform identifies your users’ unique cyber security knowledge gaps and then creates individualised programmes to address those gaps.

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