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Human Risk Analytics

usecure calculates your organisation’s human risk score by fusing together a number of key reporting metrics – including user training, simulated phishing, dark web monitoring and policy compliance performance.

It includes both an individual Risk Score for each of your users, and an overall Risk Score for your organisation.

With Human Risk Analytics, you can:

    • Understand where the human risk areas lie within your business at any one time
    • Track risk over time with the individual and company-wide human risk scores
    • Monitor course participation, grades and get weekly summary reports

Why Human Risk Analytics?

Measure the impact of your cyber awareness efforts with ongoing human risk scoring.

Evaluate the Impact of Training

Follow the evolution of your users’ cyber security posture over time by analysing company-wide course attendance and performance, as well as delving into individual course grades.

Detect Human Risk

Identify high human cyber exposure regions of your firm by segmenting reports by departments, job roles, seniority, etc.
usecure combines all user performance metrics, including training and phishing, into one holistic risk score, so you can see your human cyber posture over time.

Demonstrate Compliance

By continuously recording training progress and policy approvals in a single, easily accessible location, usecure makes compliance auditing simple.

Key Benefits

Evaluate the Impact of Training

Track course participation

Measure ongoing course grades

Analyse company and user progress

Recognize high-risk areas

Identify vulnerable business areas

Analyze departments, roles and more

Learn where additional training is needed

Consider your Human Risk

View company-wide human risk score

Combines all usecure performance metrics

Continuously calculated, ranging from 0-900

Demonstrate Compliance

Demonstrate growing cyber awareness

Report on user progress over time

Export reports and allows auditor access

usecure Platform

usecure gives MSPs the tools to calculate the human cyber risk of existing and prospective clients in just a few steps, then automate an ongoing fix that enhances their service value, differentiates their offering and drives long-term MRR.

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