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Eliminate early user-targeted threats through ongoing dark web monitoring that detects exposed credentials such as usernames and passwords.

With uBreach, you can:

    • Identify exposed employee accounts that are exposed on paste sites, data dumps and hacking forums
    • Locate what employee data is exposed
    • Help prevent data loss by locating at-risk accounts to safeguard users from social engineering and BEC attacks
    • usecure’s security awareness software, uLearn, enables follow-up user training on security best practice

Why uBreach?

Be notified when your users are exposed to a data breach with continuous monitoring and employee micro-training.

Dark Web Monitoring

uBreach does an in-depth search of data dumps, paste sites, and leaked data forums, reporting on which email accounts have been compromised, what data is available, and whose breach contained the compromised email addresses.

Detect Stolen Credentials

With new stolen data being published to the dark web on a daily basis, it is critical to run routine deep web scans to ensure your security. uBreach continuously monitors for data breaches and warns you in real-time of account exposures.

Data Breach Reporting Dashboard

View each user’s exposed data breakdown from their usecure profile and view the dark web data breach details on the reporting dashboard

Key Benefits

Drive Secure User Behaviour

Users should be educated about information security

Encourage people to use secure email and passwords

Continuous cyber-awareness training can be automated

Monitor New Exposures

Scans of the dark web can be automated

View the dashboard for real-time exposure

Get alerted when new security flaws are discovered

In-depth Search

Detect compromised data

Determine what information is at risk

Recognize the breaches that resulted in the exposure

Identify & Safeguard Users

Identify & safeguard users who are exposed on the dark web

Conduct regular deep web scans to stay secure

Identify how data is accessed and used

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