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uBreach Pro

Eliminate early user-targeted threats through ongoing dark web monitoring that detects exposed credentials such as usernames and passwords.

With uBreach Pro, you can:

    • Prospect new clients 

    • Broaden your coverage
    • Monitor the latest breaches
    • Protect clients in real-time

Why uBreach Pro?

A dark web service that’s truly fit for MSPs

Powerful Sales Prospecting

Highlight the urgent need for your security services by generating free breach scan reports for sales prospects.

  • Generate free domain scan reports for sales prospects
  • Demonstrate urgency by showing breached data
  • Drive demand with ready-made marketing assets

Extensive Breach Coverage

Monitor a significantly broader range of breach sources and accurately pinpoint recently exposed data.

  • Monitor all email accounts under your clients’ domains
  • View exposed data (e.g. passwords) in securely redacted values
  • Understand the severity of breaches with contextual insights

Proactive Client Protection

Keep clients one step ahead of dark web threats with proactive alerts and ‘resolved’ breach tags.

  • Enable instant breach email alerts for affected clients
  • Mark breaches as ‘resolved’ to reduce human risk scores
  • Gain clearer insights with a revamped UI and reporting

Key Benefits

Prospect New Clients

Run free domain scans for existing and prospective clients, demonstrating the urgent need for your security services and growing your MRR.

Broaden Your Coverage

Monitor all end-user email accounts under a given domain, allowing you to assess company-wide breaches in a cost-effective way.

Protect Clients in Real-time

Mitigate client risks before they escalate into a crisis by enabling instant email notifications for admins, managers and affected users.

Monitor the Latest Breaches

Broaden your scope by monitoring a significantly greater number of up-to-date breach sources, including hacking forums and paste sites.

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