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Highlight each end-user’s security knowledge gap with a quick-fire quiz, then automate personalised training programs that tackle their unique risk areas through automated video and interactive micro-courses.

With uLearn, you can:

    • Quickly deploy a continuous security awareness training programme

    • Reduce the likelihood of human-caused data breaches

    • Develop a security-minded culture that can combat modern-day threats

    • Cut remediation time and cost caused by internal cyber incidents

    • Aid your efforts in achieving regulatory compliance

Why uLearn?

With uLearn you can now identify your staffs’ individual security blind spots and automate the fix with user-tailored training programs.

Automate Training

Intelligent automation that eliminates repetitive admin tasks and ensures continuous user-tailored training programs.

Tailor-made Courses

Individually crafted programmes that utilise an extensive collection of information security, compliance, and custom-built courses to identify and close the user’s major knowledge gaps.

Monitor Progress

Understand how your users are progressing with company-wide risk scoring individual user performance, and automate summary reports for managers.

Key Benefits

Easy to Deploy

Launch ongoing training in a few simple, handheld steps

It is entirely cloud-based, requires no installation, and has a simple configuration

Automate Training

Save time through automated set-it-and-forget-it training

Individually crafted programmes that begin by identifying and closing the user’s most significant knowledge gaps

Engaging Bite-sized Content

Access a library of readily-made video and interactive courses

AutoEnrol will educate your users on various information security and compliance best practices by distributing one bite-sized lesson per month (this frequency can be customised by the admin).

Regulatory Compliance

As your users complete their training courses, you’ll have access to crucial insights into your organization’s uLearn performance directly from your data-driven usecure dashboard.

Attribute data and events to individual users

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