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Keep end-users well-versed on security responsibilities and maintain compliance standards with a policy management tool that simplifies the entire process.

With uPolicy, you can:

    • Establish rules, standards and best practices for your employees and workplace

    • Ensure policies have been read and signed by all end users

    • Contribute to a security culture and build a safe environment at your workplace

    • Aid your efforts in achieving regulatory compliance

Why uPolicy?

Keep staff well-versed on security standards. Centralize policies, automate approvals and keep clear audit trails.

Customise Policies

uPolicy enables you to build and maintain corporate policies quickly and easily. Policies aid you in creating your security and workplace behaviour standards for employees, as well as meeting compliance needs and mitigating risks.

Track eSign Approvals

By requesting employee eSignatures, you can easily track which users have viewed and authorised a policy and send a short email reminder to those who have not yet acknowledged.

Automate Policy Updates

Notify users of pertinent policy modifications via email announcements and enable self-service access to policies for employees to read and approve at their leisure.

Key Benefits

Centralize Policies

Access a library of essential policies for your clients

Keep things organized with version control

Automate Policy Announcements

Auto-notify staff to review relevant policy updates

Give users self-service access

eSign Approvals

Track policy views and eSign approval

Track user approvals through eSignatures

New Staff Compliance

Automate relevant eSign requests for new employees

eSignature approvals compulsory for specific company policies

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