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Embedded Runtime App Self-Protection (RASP)

Protecting Millions of Customers, Billions of Transactions

“Combating fraud is a major focus for our bank. We selected Zimperium’s zDefend to protect millions of online customers, and billions of transactions, against malicious apps like BankBot, device exploits and rogue WiFi networks.”

– CSO, Global 100 Financial Institution

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Mobile Apps Live in a Risky Environment

Mobile devices are extremely attractive targets for malicious activity. Attackers have repeatedly shown the ability to exploit vulnerabilities, create fake WiFi networks and deploy malicious apps in order to compromise mobile devices. And when device owners open the door to their device, even accidentally, mobile app providers inherit the risk.

Zimperium’s zDefend (formerly zIAP) quickly embeds the advanced z9 engine into mobile apps developed for internal or external customer use. z9 delivers the following benefits:


      • On-device, machine learning-based mobile security for device, network, phishing, and malicious app attacks;
      • Quickly and invisibly embeds as an SDK inside apps resulting in 100% security adoption; and
      • Has negligible overhead and minimal permission requirements.

Enterprise Grade Mobile App Security in Less Than 10 Minutes

With the zDefend SDK embedded, mobile apps can immediately determine when a user’s device is compromised, any network attacks are occurring and even if malicious apps are installed. App developers can configure appropriate remedial actions when a given threat is detected. Configuration scenarios include:

      • When a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack is occurring, the host app automatically establishes a VPN to create a secure tunnel;
      • When a device has malware like BankBot installed, the app triggers immediate steps to freeze access until the user deletes the infected app and resets his/her password online; or
      • When a device is jailbroken, the app can trigger policies to raise the user’s fraud score to account for the additional riskor trigger other conditional policies.

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