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Conceal and obscure your keys

Easy implementation that accelerates time-to-market

      • Seamless integration: zKeyBox is a simple to integrate plug and play replacement for standard cryptographic libraries.
      • Built-in support for security regulations: Undergoes regular penetration testing and supports DUKPT key management, TR-31 key blocks, and separation of payment card and PIN data as specified by PCI-DSS.
      • No dedicated security hardware: No TPM, TEE, SE, SIM or HSM devices are required.

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Keep Secrets and Keys Safe on Any Mobile Device

Even the strongest encryption methods fail when the cryptographic keys are compromised. Hackers can easily find and steal exposed keys in code or memory.

Zimperium zKeyBox leverages white-box cryptography to protect keys and secrets within your mobile application. It transforms and obscures cryptographic algorithms so that keys never appear in the clear and the execution logic is untraceable. Your keys cannot be extracted—even if the device itself has been breached.

Key Benefits

Strongest software-based key protection

Conceals and obscures keys and algorithm logic so keys can’t be extracted and tampering attempts are shut down. No dependency on any hardware based mechanisms provided by the platforms. (Ex. Keystores, Secure Enclave, Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) on Android)

Accelerate time to market, while backed by experts

Replace your standard cryptographic libraries with plug and play white-box secured key protection.

Zimperium’s deep expertise to guide every step of your deployment. zKeyBox protects keys in millions of installed apps and undergoes regular independent security testing.

Any algorithm, any platform

Agnostic security works on all platforms and devices. Protect any cryptographic algorithm such as AES, 3DES, RSA, ECC, HMAC, and others. Custom algorithm support is also available.

Comply with regulations

Meet and exceed application security and data privacy requirements while minimizing approval and testing timelines. Supports PCI-DSS specifications including separation of payment card and PIN data.

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