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Let’s Create an Inspiring Future, Together

At Halodata, we have a workforce with diverse backgrounds and expertise that collectively strives to be the best in the industry.

Headquartered in Singapore, Halodata has won recognition from customers, peers, and partners alike for thriving in information security excellence and adoption. This success has been made possible primarily by our employees, who have played a significant role in shaping a culture that encourages everyone to look forward and think ahead.

What do we look for in candidates


Are you inspired to dream big and committed to achieving your goals?


Your capacity to impact peers and customers positively, in addition to delivering


How have you made the most of the tools at your disposal to improve yourself?


Setbacks are inevitable, but are you resilient enough to bounce back?


Integrity and a commitment to provide the best inherent value


Ability to break down a problem logically and use a step-by-step approach to solving it


We believe in providing unmatched care for our employees. Take a look at some of the perks you’ll enjoy after you join the team.

Industry-leading Compensation & Benefits

We offer the best pay for the best talent. NO artificial restrictions are limiting your growth.

Open Culture

We endeavor to be transparent and hold ourselves to the most excellent standards of integrity and ethics. We think that an organisation’s main job is to provide an environment in which talent can thrive. So that you can achieve your goals while also assisting us in our endeavors. So that you can become what you aspire to be and help us succeed at the same time.

A Highly Accomplished Peer Group

You’ll rub shoulders with the best talent in the industry, including distinguished professionals and highly renowned thought leaders.

Investments for Continuous Learning

What good is it if an organisation doesn’t invest in its workforce? At Halodata, you would have 24×7 access to our Training & Certification Centre to ensure continuous growth in skills and competence.


Arif Budiman Bastian
Country Head, Halodata Group

“Halodata is not only a company, for me, but it’s also like a big family. Each of us is taught to be part of Problem Solver instead of Problem Maker.

As family members, each of us has our role: as parents (Management as the Head of the Family act as the Lead, not the Boss), brother/sisters, and children (our team) give the color of life. We learn the value of Work-Life Balance.

As family members, we are not perfect; we often have different opinions, but we always have the same goal: to grow together with our Partners and our Customers.”

Hwee Chee Koh
Vice President of Sales, Halodata Group

“It has been three years since I joined the Halodata family, and this journey has been nothing but fun and fulfilling. Especially with the shift in market demands over the past year due to COVID’19, the bold changes in the organisation structure and the display of team spirit across different divisions have contributed to the tremendous growth for each of us. Due to COVID, we may not have had the most favorable time, but we realised that we definitely have the best team to see through these challenging times. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor… Without the best-supporting squad, together with the guidance of a skilled sailor, the ship could never steer in the right direction.”

Iqa Mansor
Executive Assistant & Office Manager, Halodata Group

“For me, the Halodata office is a family-like workspace that is built on respect, trust, and shared goals. Halodata has given me plenty of opportunities to grow professionally and personally. I learn new things about my work and team almost every day. I know I am trusted and encouraged to adopt fresh perspectives in many areas of work. Halodata believes in me, and this belief has shaped me into who I am and my career into what it is today.”

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