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Portal26: Data Privacy Enforcement

Portal26 is the most advanced data protection and privacy platform in the industry. Portal26 always provides NIST FIPS 140-2 level security without sacrificing functionality, whether deployed as a Vault, API, Proxy, or Plugin. Portal26 is relied upon by businesses to ensure daily privacy and compliance and robust data protection during ransomware attacks.

Portal26 is the market leader in high-performance encryption-in-use that protects valuable data even if an enterprise’s security is compromised and its data is stolen. The solution is capable of providing post-attack visibility into any observed, accessed, or exfiltrated data, as well as auditable evidence that sensitive data retained encryption during an attack.

How Portal26 Works

Always-on Encryption

Portal26 delivers FIPS 140-2 level encryption to data at all times, including while it is being used. Zero clear text.​

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Fully Usable Data​

Protected data can be thoroughly searched and analyzed – term, prefix, suffix, wildcard, ranges for all types of data.

Automatic Compliance​

Data flows in 9 certified formats, including encrypted, tokenized, masked, redacted, and valet. Full audit logs.​

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Flexible Architecture

Protect your data where it is or isolate it into our petabyte-scale Vault. Cloud or prem agnostic. Modern or Legacy.

Third-Party Data Control

Use the advanced BYOK and Valet features to control your data as it resides with partners and suppliers.

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Fast Easy Deployment

Use the Portal26 platform and a combination of the Vault, API, Plugin, and Proxy to build your solution in hours.

Portal26 Products

Choose the solution that is most appropriate for your architecture. Integrated or bolt-on. Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployments. Whether modern or legacy. Data is entirely encrypted and fully usable.

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