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Global Leaders in Ransomware Containment

BullWall is a cybersecurity solution provider with a dedicated focus on protecting data and critical IT infrastructure during active ransomware attacks. With the ability to contain both known and zero-day ransomware variants in seconds, BullWall can support you in preventing both data encryption and exfiltration with one simple solution.


Even the most well-protected organizations fall victim to ransomware. You need a containment solution.

New strains of ransomware can disable endpoint protection, AV, firewalls, and even backup solutions before data encryption or exfiltration start. What do you do if your perimeter and endpoint protection is breached?

BullWall’s focus is to protect your data stores, not your endpoints.

Key Features
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Monitors all your Critical Infrastructure

RansomCare works seamlessly with on-prem and cloud-based repositories such as Office 365, Sharepoint and Google Drive. It is OS-agnostic to the device type accessing the cloud, including mobile devices, tablets, MAC, IoT, and laptops. It is also compatible with OS independent environments, such as Windows, Android, IOS and Linux. Comprehensive monitoring and protection for physical infrastructure components, including data servers, virtual machines, application databases, and domain controllers.

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Seamless Integration

RansomCare integrates with all major SIEM and NAC solutions through JSON or a full featured REST API and pre-configured scripts. Most integrations are complete in under an hour. These integrations allow RansomCare to send full breach details to your platform of choice to alert your Security Operations Center (SOC) or response team, and initiate workflows as configured.

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Covers all Entry Points

While most ransomware enters an organization through a phishing email, infections can also originate from a remote attack on a server, misconfigured cloud instances, remote desktop protocol, 3rd party contractors, or even USB and other removable media devices. Regardless of entry point, RansomCare reacts immediately when indicators of compromise are evident. RansomCare responds by isolating and containing the compromised device and user, instantly halting the active attack.

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Utilizes an Innovative Approach

RansomCare leverages heuristic analysis and file metadata to monitor traffic between endpoints, file shares and servers, both on-prem and in the cloud, to swiftly and efficiently detect evidence of an active ransomware breach.

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Detects Known and Unknown Variants

Cybercriminals constantly monitor prevention-based security solutions for software updates. They know when existing variants are at risk of being detected and when to change their methods. RansomCare circumvents this problem entirely. Instead of searching for ransomware, RansomCare detects and responds to the behaviors indicative of ransomware: illegitimate file encryption and data exfiltration.

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Employs an Agentless Solution

RansomCare is not installed on endpoints or any existing file servers. The agentless solution is easily deployed within days on a virtual machine, and leverages Machine Learning to configure itself automatically. RansomCare requires only read access to data and creates no network performance overhead.

Key Benefits

Seamless Integration

All integration, communication and alert functions are fully operable whether you’re hosting in the cloud or have an MSP managing your IT solutions and infrastructure.

BullWall don’t compete. They complement.

BullWall RansomCare is not a replacement for your current security solution; rather, it complements the security defenses you have in place today.

The increasing number of successful ransomware attacks prove there is no perfect solution. Truth is, preventative-only solutions sometimes fail, and once illegal encryption begins, the source of the malware matters not; swift action to stop the attack before significant damage can occur is your #1 priority. This is where BullWall RansomCare steps in.

Hassle Free Reporting & Compliance

A ransomware breach can encrypt files on multiple shares and folders across your network, making mandatory reporting a formidable challenge. Compliance reporting such as GDPR, CCPA, HIIPA and PCI-DSS-regulated entities often carry the additional burden of having to file a report within a certain timeframe following a breach event1. RansomCare’s immediate response means that in the event of a breach very few files are likely to be compromised and require the filing of a minor incident report to document the incident. RansomCare’s fully automated internal and external incident reporting ensures accuracy and compliance.

Unify and Strengthen your Defence

Skyrocket the value of your Security Spend with a critical Last Line of Defense solution engineered to fully integrate with your existing security measures. RC is engineered to fully integrate with other security solutions such as SIEM, NAC, Backup and EDR solutions via the RESTful API, making it easy for your security team to unify security management across all devices.

Monitor & Detect

Organisations are often unaware of the enormous amount of file changes that occurs on their file shares. RC listens into existing network notifications to analyze all file changes (created, modified, renamed and deleted) to detect ongoing illegitimate encryption within seconds.

Isolate & Quarantine

The moment illegitimate encryption detected on file shares (not the individual device), RansomCare activates an isolation and containment protocol. Actions can include the forced shutdown of the compromised device, disabling the compromised user’s VPN, and revoking cloud access, network access and AD access. Illegitimate file encryption ceases in seconds, and your security team is instantly alerted. Integration through RESTful API to other security solutions (such as SIEM, NAC and EDR) enables your security teams to unify security management across all devices.

Recover & Report

BullWall’s RansomCare data-recovery protocol has your organization up and running with minimal cost and downtime. After the threat has been mitigated, a comprehensive list of any file’s infected pre-isolation is generated and can easily be restored from your backup either manually or via integration. An advanced history log captures all attack details, offering your security team valuable and actionable insights over any affected files.

Use Case

BullWall for Education

Ransomware attacks can cripple educational institutions and lead to costly downtime

In 2022, two-thirds of ransomware attacks against schools were able to successfully exfiltrate data, up from half in 2021*.

EDR security solutions commonly used in education can’t keep up with ever-evolving cybercriminals and attack vectors. Sooner or later, a ransomware agent will slip through. When ransomware bypasses preventative solutions, BullWall focuses on minimising the impact of the attack by safeguarding what matters most – school data and student identity.

When a ransomware attack begins, BullWall detects the abnormal file activity, stops file encryption within seconds, quarantines the infected user, and protects your critical IT infrastructure and data storage – on-premises and in the cloud.

BullWall for Healthcare

Ransomware attacks on healthcare organisations are on the rise and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Data security in healthcare has never been more important. Healthcare professionals find preventative solutions are no longer enough to safeguard patient information against cyber criminals. With a wide range of vulnerable entry points and innovative attack strategies, sooner or later, ransomware will slip through. That’s when BullWall steps in.

BullWall provides an automated ransomware containment solution as a proactive approach to data security, allowing healthcare organizations to detect, contain, and recover from a ransomware attack before it causes significant damage.

The solution operates by automatically quarantining the infected users and devices, preventing the ransomware from spreading across your critical IT infrastructure and medical data – both on-premises and in the cloud. Reducing the risk of security breaches and ensuring hospitals are able to operate without a lapse in patient care.

BullWall for Companies with Cyber Insurance

Implementing BullWall can lower Your cyber insurance premiums.

Commonly used EDR security solutions can’t keep up with ever-evolving cybercriminals and attack vectors. Sooner or later, a ransomware agent will slip through.

When a ransomware attack begins, BullWall detects the abnormal file activity, stops file encryption within seconds, quarantines the infected user and protects your critical IT infrastructure and data storage – on-premises and in the cloud.

BullWall offers the only ransomware containment solution that automatically contains an attack in progress. With BullWall, your organisation may also be eligible for discounted cyber liability insurance premiums.

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