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Align your information security program with industry best practices, frameworks, regulations, and compliance mandates to support your company’s business goals.

A rapidly expanding technology landscape, as well as regulatory requirements, complicate organizations’ operation. Moreover, senior-level executives consider risk and compliance to be the two most stressful  they face. Regulations are required in numerous industries, from healthcare to retail. Protected Health Information (PHI), Payment Card Information (PCI), and other regulated data must be handled according to the regulations.

Multi-cloud risk management

Third-party Risk Management

Risk Management & Compliance Features

Traditional GRC Tools

Traditional GRC tools typically include several program modules, such as risk management, compliance, business continuity, and audit to cover a wide range of aspects of your program and integrate with other software.

Data Governance Tools

These solutions aid in identifying sensitive data throughout your environment, providing visibility into areas such as user access, data flow and storage, and data controls.

Niche Tools

These solutions, which are frequently referred to as “best of breed,” are designed to address specific functions such as risk analysis, third-party risk, data privacy, and more.

Benefits of Risk Management & Compliance

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Reduced Risk

Our SSL network’s pre-established certification and best practice guidelines reduce the risk for our customers while speeding up the overall compliance process.

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Time & Cost Savings

Our Compliance Management modules make meeting information security reporting and auditing requirements easier by automating and managing the compliance and audits.

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Faster Validation

Our Compliance Management solution will help you access the services, documentation, and terms of service that you would need to ensure quick compliance validation.

Halodata’s qualified experts can assist you in implementing a more effective approach to assessing, reducing, and managing security risks and compliance. Our solutions aid in developing proactive security cultures by bringing together business leaders to discuss their current security risk and compliance posture and assist in developing improvement plans.

Industry Knowledge

We understand business information security gaps and requirements by working closely with your team and applying our extensive experience across various industries. As a result, our information security experts can help you reduce the security management burden while also delivering the expected results and more.

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