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Manage and classify information that matters with our market-leading software. Fast to deploy, easy to use, reliable, data classification that integrates with leading security platforms.

Key Benefits

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Reduce Risk

Reduce the risk of valuable and sensitive information being mishandled, stolen or accidentally lost.

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Improve Control

Take control of the flow and distribution of your sensitive information on desktop, mobile or in the cloud.

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Empower You

Foster a security-conscious culture by empowering your people to take responsibility for information security.


Highly Configurable

Technology for a range of business applications and requirements that integrate with existing technology to optimize security posture and reduce cost.

Practical, Powerful Classification

Easy to use, packed with features, highly effective and reliable. Complementing existing infrastructure in the cloud or on-premise, all with low maintenance.

Rapid, Easy Deployment

We understand the need for effective solutions that are fast to deploy, creating significant cost savings for customers.

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