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More Flexibility and Greater Opportunity

Our partner program is based on basic concepts to help you engage and succeed in today’s new security environment:


You choose what kinds of expertise you want to develop and the benefits you want to enjoy, so you have more control than ever over your success with Halodata.


Halodata sets you up for success with a path to expertise for the solutions that are essential in today’s fast-paced, digital-driven security environment.

Our program has three categories:

Silver Partner

Gold Partner

Platinum Partner

Each category reflects different amounts of engagement with our team based on your level of commitment to and success in selling Halodata solutions.

Why You should be Interested

You will have the advantages of our award-winning products and training. Moreover, you’ll gain access to our industry-leading sales and marketing resources.

All of this adds up to a huge competitive edge.

The partnership program benefits:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • New business discount rewards
  • Online deal registration
  • Channel sales manager support
  • Channel marketing manager support
  • Access to our training content and sales resources partner portal
  • Marketing tools and templates to streamline your lead generation efforts

Partner EcoSystem

Partner Portal

Your single, global gateway to the partner tools and information needed to grow your business with Halodata.

It’s Time to Get Started with Halodata

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