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Halodata: Making a Diference

For close to two decades, Halodata has been making a real difference to the companies in the South-East by providing solutions that could address their information security gaps. We are driven by our mission to build trust and opportunity. Our goals are ambitious, and we will only achieve them in partnership. We work with cutting-edge information security solution vendors and resellers, aligning our strategies and delivering high-performing partnerships.

Halodata engages a portfolio of highly strategic partnerships around SouthEast Asia. Together, we guarantee that customers achieve maximum benefit from their security investments, and gain the visibility necessary to improve their data defenses. Halodata partner program is multi-tiered, consisting of partners who play a fundamental role in delivering first-class information security solutions to the private and public sectors.

The program offers very competitive margins for the industry’s leading information security program to manage and measure your digital resilience.

Safetica UEBA

  • Safetica UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics)
  • Understand actual user activity and behavior in detail
  • Get a comprehensive overview of work time usage
  • Use the insight to secure your data and workspace

Safetica Mobile

  • Protect data on mobile devices, e.g., smartphones and tablets
  • Get an overview of mobile device status to identify risks
  • Audit activity both within apps and on websites

Why Vendors Should Partner with Us

As a leading value-added distributor in the information security industry, Halodata brings cutting edge solutions to the market by presenting various information security options from a network of established, award-winning vendors.

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Increase Brand Awareness and Thought Leadership

  • Increase partner sales and loyalty with the industry’s best partner programs
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Enable Sales and Drive Demand

  • Increase Partner Marketing capacity to grow Midmarket share
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Deliver Outstanding Partner & Customer Experience

  • Drive vendor of choice and contribute to revenue growth through innovative co-marketing with/thru Partners
  • Drive pipeline through joint partner marketing and Leadership Programs
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Accelerate Operational Excellence

  • Strengthen and Streamline Operating Model

Why the Resellers should Partner with Us

Become an approved reseller for Halodata to fully extend the market reach of the solutions we represent. With comprehensive training on the products, full support from our team, and various resources on the Halodata Partner Portal, we’ll arm you with all the tools for success. The goals for our cybersecurity partnerships is simple:

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Sole distributor of prominent Information Security Solution

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Receive industry-leading margins on new deals and renewals – providing incumbency protection on your profit for years to come.

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We have aggressive goals to get to market and will fund joint marketing and business development activities to get there.

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Get access to our sales materials to hit the ground running before your competitors.

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Enjoy industry-leading margins by bringing customers solutions that provide real ROI and pricing protection.

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Knowledge is power, which is exactly why we’ve invested in all the right programs to help you succeed.

Partner EcoSystem

Partner Programs

Enabling Partners to Accelerate the Information Security Digital Transformation

Partner Portal

Your single, global gateway to the partner tools and information needed to grow your business with Halodata.

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