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SOTI is a proven innovator and industry leader for simplifying business mobility solutions by making them smarter, faster and more reliable. SOTI helps businesses around the world take mobility to endless possibilities by going beyond traditional MDM/EMM/UEM.

After years of experience and knowledge gained from working in the mobile space dating back to 2001, SOTI came to realize that for customers to truly leverage the power of mobile technology, a new category of software was needed. With this insight in mind, they got to work on building the SOTI ONE Platform in 2015.


SOTI ONE Platform – Connecting Everything

The SOTI ONE Platform makes mobile and IoT business operations simpler, smarter and more reliable.

The SOTI ONE Platform is an innovative, integrated management solution that maximizes the ROI of your business-critical mobile devices and printers. It reduces the cost, complexity and downtime of your mobile operations and delivers actionable insights to help you make data-driven decisions.

Workers are more efficient because devices are more reliable and packed with the tools, data and apps needed to get the job done – fast. Manage your essential mobile devices and printers for total control while increasing the effectiveness of your mobile operations with the SOTI ONE Platform.

Use Case


With so many workers on the road traveling store to store, mobility is business-critical for Acosta. To be productive, workers need key line-of-business (LOB) apps on their mobile devices. Acosta’s North American Retail System (NARS) is the main enterprise application. It schedules and dispatches over 15,000 merchandisers everyday. The merchandisers use NARS to deliver real-time information: surveys, pictures, reports and GPS data back to operational managers at HQ.


Acosta first became a SOTI customer in 2001, using SOTI’s remote control solution to expedite remote device support. As their mobility strategy became more complex, their need for powerful and flexible mobility management support also grew. Their most important mobility issue is enterprise content management. Several times a day, remote workers access documents stored on the company intranet— branding guidelines, planograms, and customer agreement details. Acosta has an extensive file repository of over 20,000 directories holding more than 100,000 important files updated regularly. Merchandisers access files in the content repository based on their location, role and/or team. With over 17,000 Samsung mobile devices in use across North America, mobility management is a vital component of Acosta’s mobility strategy.


In 2013, Acosta deployed a mobility management solution, Airwatch from VMWare, alongside SOTI MobiControl. It was supposed to deliver better content management for the company’s new Android devices. However, after deployment, it was clear that SOTI delivered more powerful content management features and superior technical support. In July 2015, Acosta standardized on SOTI MobiControl as their sole mobility management solution. 


Founded in 1906, American Greetings designs, manufactures and distributes social expression products such as greeting cards, gift packaging, party goods and stationary.

Mobile technology is critical to the success of American Greeting’s retail operations, but the company’s mobile technology was over two decades old. In 2011, American Greetings launched a multi-year program to replace most of their company’s technology. An important element of this plan was an updated mobility strategy and new, userfriendly mobile hardware and applications to empower their PTMs.

After, an extensive planning and review phase, American Greetings standardized on Samsung Tab S devices, and developed a custom application suite using SAP Mobile Platform. The application suite delivered all the functionality the PTMs required to do their jobs,  from on-demand training to scheduling, inventory management  and communications. A critical component of American Greeting’s mobility strategy was a mobility management solution for over  12,000 Samsung tablets.


When American Greetings needed to find a mobility management solution to manage their new Samsung tablets, SOTI MobiControl was the best fit. SOTI Android+ provides powerful Android management capabilities that are not available from any other EMM vendor. 

SOTI kiosk mode locks the PTM’s tablets to American Greeting’s application suite. Kiosk mode optimizes device usability and increases worker productivity. It prevents the non-tech savvy PTMs from inadvertently changing important device settings. SOTI MobiControl delivers superior application management.  It enables quick and effective updating of the PTM application suite and manages the complicated dependencies between the solution’s modules (APK files). Frequent app updates take place silently, in the background, without the PTM even aware they are happening. SOTI MobiControl is also used for remote support. Because the PTMs are located all over the world, there is no local IT team, or convenient depot to fix device or application problems. SOTI’s remote control, file synch and scripting make fixing device problems quick, easy and less expensive.


Business mobility is an important part of American Greetings’ plans for today and into the future. The new Samsung tablets and the application suite improve retail execution and help the company manage their inventory. Devices in kiosk mode optimize the tablet and make the PTMs more efficient and effective — execution at retail has improved, and time and effort has decreased. Equally as important, job satisfaction has skyrocketed. The PTMs love their new Samsung tablets, the application suite, and how everything is so easy-to-use. 

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