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Leading Innovators in 256-Bit Hardware-Encrypted USB Drives

Apricorn’s innovative approach to 256-bit internal and portable HDD encryption is valuable for verticals that require data security regulations (e.g., finance, healthcare, education, and insurance.) For governments, Apricorn encrypted USB drives and devices established the bar for data security in North America and elsewhere.

This is because Apricorn Aegis drives are encrypted and authenticated solely by their onboard keypad and internal hardware. Your secrets are secure with us as we continue to develop new technologies to defend against current and future threats.


The heart and soul of every Apricorn Secure Device, our patent-protected hardware-centric / software-free approach to data security is the best defense against data loss by eliminating the most commonly used attack vectors.

This same software-free method also provides complete cross-platform compatibility with any OS or embedded equipment possessing a USB port and file storage system e.g., medical diagnostic devices, military equipment, machinery, etc.


Aegis Configurator Compatible – Quickly Set Up Multiple Devices Simultaneously Using our Windows-Based App.

Separate Admin and User Mode – Admin (Device Configuration) Mode and User Access Mode.

Admin Forced Enrollment – Unique PIN Must be Established at Setup. Eliminates Factory Default PIN Vulnerability commonly found in competitors encrypted devices.


User Forced Enrollment – Admin Can Program Device at Setup Requiring User to Establish a Unique PIN.

One-Time Use Data Recovery PINs – Creates State of User Forced Enrollment that Restores Access to Drive.

Two Read-Only Modes – Global, All Access Settings Controlled by Admin, and User Mode Controlling Individual Settings.

Programmable PIN Lengths – Admin Designates Minimum and Maximum PIN Lengths (7-16 Characters).

Brute-Force Defense – Select the Number of Consecutive Invalid PIN Attempts Permitted (4-20) Before Crypto-Erase.

Unattended Auto-Lock – Programmable Length of Time of Inactivity Permitted Before Drive Locks Itself.

Lock Override – Allows Drive to Remain Unlocked During USB Port Re Enumeration (Virtual Machine, Remote Boot).

Self-Destruct PIN – When Programmed and Activated, Performs a Crypto-Erase and Becomes New Access PIN.

LED Key Press Indicator – Option that Visually Confirms Successful Button Presses with Blinking LEDs.

Why Apricorn


What happens in Aegis, stays in Aegis. With our completely self-contained authentication and encryption processes, all critical security parameters take place within the drive itself and are never shared with its USB host. Apricorn’s unique approach to ultimate data security and portable HDD encryption is centred on absolute independence from all software and operating systems.


Apricorn Aegis secure drives and encrypted USB thumb drives have been rigorously tested and endorsed by some of the most reputable publications in the computing and data security world including PCMag, Wired, PCWorld, Global Security News, SC Magazine, and SSD Review, to name a few. Year after year, Apricorn products continue to set the standard in data security.

Protects Valuable Data

In industries where the protection of client or patient data is regulated such as financial, healthcare, and education, Apricorn secure drives are the trusted choice for the ultimate in data security. With 256-Bit AES encryption and NIST FIPS 140-2 validation up to level 3, Apricorn elevates your data protection above regulatory compliance.

ApricoRn Products

Apricorn’s portable USB storage devices are unique in the data security field in that they all employ a 100% hardware-centric approach void of software involvement in any of the processes. All authentication and encryption functions take place fully within the devices, and no critical security parameters are ever shared with their host computer.

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