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Reliable data security is vital to the success of any organisation. When you require expertise beyond what your in-house resources can provide, look to Halodata for clear, practical advice on your specific circumstance.

We provide consulting services in all facets of information security, from program design to the most technical engineering issues. Our objective is always the same: to assist your organisation in accomplishing its objectives successfully and efficiently.

Planning and Evaluating Security

Our expertise has assisted countless organisations in obtaining the information they require to improve their security posture. We will solve your information security strategic and operational challenges by collaborating with everyone from C-level executives to front-line engineers.


Project Lifecycle

Numerous organisations require expert help in arranging the security measures necessary to thwart insider threats and data breaches. We will assist you:


  • Defining business needs and defining the scope of the project
  • Amass pertinent data for use in policy development and quality assurance testing
  • Recognise the stages involved in implementing, evaluating, and optimising your security solutions optimally

Pre-implementation Consultation

We collaborate with you and leverage Halodata engineering best practices to tailor your information security program to your unique use case and requirements. We are going to:


  • Develop an architectural and design diagram for our solutions in your information technology environment
  • Create an implementation or upgrade checklist and flowchart specifically for your implementation or upgrade
  • Complete transfer of expert knowledge for policy and user creation.

Post-implementation Consultation

Following the implementation of your data security program, we collaborate with you to ensure that all critical systems are optimised for the target environment and that your hardware can handle the level of network traffic. We will assist you:


  • Ascertain that your deployment follows engineering best practices.
  • Optimise your secure traffic monitoring so that you may confidently install SSL decryption — without slowing down your business.
  • Setup web reporting and integration
  • Address prevalent security concerns and issues
  • Expertise in technical security

Data Security Program Design

You know that your organisation needs better protecting against insider threats and data theft — but do you know how to achieve that? We will design the right solution based on your company’s specific needs. With this service, we:


  • Document the security measures you currently have in place
  • Recommend optimisations based on our deep experience
  • Identify and prioritise critical data assets for inclusion in your Data Protection program
  • Design program governance measures, including escalation workflows, periodic policy tuning and use-case evaluation

Evaluation of DLP Policy

Are your present policies sufficiently aligned with your organisation’s requirements? Our specialists will assess the efficiency of your DLP policies in relation to your stated business use case in order to:


  • Ensure that the possibilities of DLP products are maximised
  • Validate and optimise your policies to provide maximum security by reducing false positives and negatives.

Optimisation of Technical Specifications

Is the performance of your security solutions optimal? Our consultants will: Using Halodata’s engineering best practices, they will:


  • Ensure that the target environment’s necessary systems are correctly architected, configured, and deployed
  • Verify that your present hardware complies with required standards and is adequately sized for your data and traffic levels.

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