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With the explosion of data, mobility, and cloud computing, there is a greater emphasis on protecting data from unauthorised access and cyber-attacks.

Cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and frequent, putting enterprise assets at risk and increasing the likelihood of compliance lapses and hefty regulatory fines.

This landscape necessitates the development of a streamlined threat monitoring and vulnerability management system capable of assisting businesses in ensuring superior information security.

The Information Security Deployment & Implementation Services offered by Halodata enable businesses to quickly and cost-effectively deploy risk and compliance management solutions.

Installation and commissioning, administrator training, project engineering, governance, risk, and compliance are all included in our services (GRC). Additionally, we offer managed security services to assist you in optimising the total cost of ownership of your risk and security program.

Halodata’s Information Security Deployment & Implementation Services assist businesses in establishing a strong cyber security program to safeguard sensitive data and other digital assets against evolving cyber threats.

We offer solutions for implementing preventative and detective controls in cloud environments, ensuring the security of confidential data stored on modern, hybrid infrastructure.

Key Benefits

Reduce Information Security Breach

Improve Regulatory Compliance

Reduce IT Security Spends

Boost Customer Satisfaction

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