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Kanguru USB Drives

Kanguru provides convenient data storage with USB flash drives, external hard drives and solid-state drives boasting generous capacities. You will also find high-speed DVD/Blu-ray burners and the new Windows To Go® Mobile WorkSpace, a convenient mobile desktop for busy travellers. Kanguru’s suitable USB products make it easy to store, backup, and duplicate data. Most Kanguru USB drives come with a convenient physical write protect switch for quick, easy protection against overwriting files and adding a defense mechanism from viruses on a host computer.

Kanguru FlashTrust™ Secure Firmware USB Flash Drive

The Kanguru FlashTrust™ USB3.0 flash drive with physical write protect switch is the world’s first unencrypted, USB 3.0 flash drive with onboard, secure firmware to protect against the potential risk of malicious firmware-based attacks

Kanguru SS3™ with Physical Write Protect Switch

The Kanguru SS3 is a SuperSpeed USB3.0 flash drive that includes a convenient, built-in, physical write-protect switch, providing more speed, protection and convenience than any other USB flash drive.

Kanguru FlashBlu30™ with Physical Write Protect Switch

The Kanguru FlashBlu30 USB flash drive offers affordable, protective storage at lightning-fast data transfer speeds. Its small, durable aluminum design is compact and lightweight making it the perfect way to carry your files from place to place.

Kanguru DVD & Blu-ray Optical Drive Burners

Kanguru DVD and Blu-ray RW Drives provide CD, DVD and Blu-ray burning for PC, Notebook & Mac users. These Kanguru DVD & Blu-ray burners support SuperSpeed USB3, and are backwards compatible with USB2.0, providing plug and play connectivity and fast data transfer for no hassle CD, DVD and Blu-ray burning.

Kanguru Mobile WorkSpace™ Windows To Go® Certified

The Kanguru Mobile WorkSpace enables you to have the full functionality of a bootable Microsoft Windows portable desktop to work on any PC anywhere.

Kanguru: Products

Kanguru Defender® Encrypted HDD/SSD

Kanguru Defender® Hardware Encrypted
Flash Drives

Standard USB Flash Drives, Hard Drives, Solid State Drives, NVMe SSDs

KanguruClone™ Duplicators (CD, DVD, Blu-ray, HDD, SSD, NVMe SSD)

Kanguru Remote Management Console™

Optical DVD,
Blu-ray Burners

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